More companies are recognizing the value of graphology than ever
before. During the recruitment process, potential job seekers may
only be known through their handwriting which would result in a more objective evaluation of the applicant.

Graphology can be a tool for helping individuals make decisions on relationships. How often do you wonder whether you really know someone intimately, or do you sense that there may be hidden characteristics that might leave you wondering? A graphologist can certainly find clues to fill the gaps around these issues. One can look for emotional maturity, honesty, self-image, sense of humor and more.

The applicant writes at least two paragraphs on unlined paper on a topic of their choice, letting thoughts flow spontaneously and then signing the document. Why unlined paper you might ask? It is helpful for the writer to formulate his own baseline which can give a truer picture of his emotional stability among other characteristics. But it is important to understand that no single trait has any meaning by itself, only in conjunction with other traits of which there are literally hundreds to consider.

It is important to place a signature below the writing, since deviation in style and size provides additional clues.

Some of the qualities and behavioral elements an employer may want to know are:
  • Level of honesty
  • Communication skills
  • Work drive
  • Initiative
  • Emotional stability
  • Intro/extroversion
  • Dependability
  • Social Skills